Woodend Farm Opens!

Aspire Scotland is delighted to announce the opening of its new residential service, Woodend Farm. Situated in a rural passage of South Ayrshire. Woodend Farm is a further extension to Aspire’s portfolio of available therapies and supports for Scotland’s young people.

Being physically active is viewed as a key element of the farm and a strong focus on an ethos of empowerment and possibilities rather than limitations is what we hope will set the service apart. Fuller social integration for children and young people will be supported through a combination of active farm living and participation in wider social activities and interests.


All of Aspire’s young people will enjoy access to the farm and the surrounding landscape, which includes a nearby woodland that will be utilised for hill walking and other excursions. Residential Service Manager Karen Sloss is very excited to be working with young people at Woodend Farm and believes Aspire Scotland is continuing to push boundaries in making a difference for young people in Scotland: “This is no ordinary care setting, it’s another unique approach where young people benefit from the hands on opportunities to support the animal husbandry that they will witness daily. The child’s plan and outcomes will have the ability to reflect the unique environment which encompasses the farm”.

The interior of Woodend Farm is equally impressive as the surrounding landscape with 3800 square foot of accommodation, 5 bedrooms with 3 en suite bathrooms, a double garage and two sitting rooms with joining breakfast and dining rooms Woodend Farm continues Aspire Scotland’s emphasis on challenging the traditional perception of ‘care homes’.

Woodend Farm’s first resident is due to move in this week and we look forward to sharing the unique therapies available in future editions of the ‘Aspire News’.