Waterside Residential Service Confirmed

Aspire Scotland is proud to introduce our Waterside Residential Service, which centres on the therapeutic principles we have become known for and promotes interventions in response to failed attachment.

Set within Kilwinning, North Ayrshire, Waterside will provide residence for 5 children and young people, as well as an additional singleton placement on the premises for one young person who may require an enhanced level of support or require transitional accommodation as they make the journey into adulthood.

With a chicken coup and stables on location, Waterside offers real life learning experiences in line with the farm living therapy that has been so successful in meeting the needs of young people at our Woodend Farm service. At Waterside a further emphasis will be placed on building resilience to tackle the social and emotional wounds left from the trauma of failed attachment and the measurement of the designated outcomes pathways delivered by our mental health and outcomes professionals.

Waterside offers plush green surroundings promoting environmental engagement and serene healing, while also being very close to local communities and 10 minutes from our community campus at Radio City, where young people enjoy real life experiences.