Our Company Profile

The story of Aspire Scotland

Aspire Scotland has grown to become a major provider of bespoke care and education services to children and young people.

It has also recognised that such are the wide-ranging needs of young people, staff members must be fully up-to-speed with new approaches to care and methods of teaching.

To that end, a sophisticated system of training has been introduced throughout the organisation to ensure Aspire employees are at the cutting edge of their profession.

Members of staff regularly sit on a number of associations and national committees, thereby influencing policy across the country; they help Aspire Scotland remain committed to the National Agenda, the Children’s Bill and the Curriculum for Excellence.

We were taken over by The Priory Group in November 2018 . https://www.priorygroup.com

Our vision in practice

Key to every aspect of our work is the determination to create a “family” environment. This is something which visitors remark upon when they see our care and education services for themselves.

We may not be able to replicate the home they have come from, but we are determined to provide each young person with the confidence that they are wanted and are safe and secure as well.

We aim to:

Provide high quality care and education in a well-appointed, safe and secure environment, taking full account of National Standards and Quality Indicators.

Involve children and young people fully in the life of the house through a commitment to inclusion and participation.

Offer a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, which takes account of the specific needs of the individual and helps develop life skills required for independent living and working.

Work in partnership with families and local authorities to achieve quality outcomes for all children and young people.

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