Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage is our community house model that has been specifically designed to provide a family environment for all who live and work there. Rose Cottage has the capacity to support 5 children and young people aged 7 -18 years and its idyllic setting within the heart of the town of Dreghorn offers residents invaluable exposure to social dynamics and lifestyle.

Needs of Young People

The spacious interior across two levels in Rose Cottage has helped facilitate the integration of a range of different needs including learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD and attachment disorder. Our team at Rose Cottage continues to promote the integration of a wide range of needs through a strong ethos of community spirit and family, ensuring that the dynamic in the house remains consistently positive.

The routines and available supports in Rose Cottage have been designed to provide a family environment but also ensure flexibility for new admissions or for young people transitioning back home. Rose Cottage has been furnished to the highest standard and has rooms specifically allocated for innovative interventions. Staff ratios reflect the needs of the young people, and can offer 1:1 and 2:1 support, and include a 24 hour wakened service.

Assessment and Planning

Rose Cottage facilitates robust internal assessment, taking full account of the SHANARRI model, and also ensures young people access relevant external agency assessment, such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health services (CAMHS) as required. On the basis of this careful assessment, including risk assessment, and existing plans Rose Cottage staff, along with representatives from the placing authority and parents/carers and the young person, agree suitably challenging outcomes. Our educare team work closely together to agree shared needs, consistent strategies and approaches.


The team at Rose Cottage take advantage of the various amenities connecting the local community where young people enjoy 1:1 and group support as they access public transport, the local shops and community groups and clubs. As well as using the positive environment of Dreghorn town, our educare team are mindful of the backgrounds of each young person and effectively use nurturing approaches and engage young people in therapeutic programmes with a particular emphasis on resilience and attachment.


Our team at Rose Cottage promote independence for residents to take full advantage of Rose Cottage’s community setting. The degree of autonomy afforded to residents depends on each individual’s level of need and can start with managing personal hygiene, sleep patterns, dressing and attending school through to cooking meals with our in housekeeper, and shopping either independently or with staff.

All the facilities in the area of Dreghorn and Irvine are open to Rose Cottage residents. These include:

  • Irvine Snooker Club.
  • Magnum Centre with swimming, badminton, short tennis and fitness facilities.
  • ‘Clubbercise’ at Vineburgh Boxing Club.
  • Football club at Greenwood Academy.
  • Local Beach walks.
  • The HUB, local youth club.

As well as these local amenities all residents have complimentary access to the facilities at our community campus at Radio City, including Galaxy Leisure and Galaxy Cafe. Further opportunities including horse riding and caring for animals at our Balgray Cottage and Woodend Farm services.

Positive Outcomes

Recent successful outcomes include two young people attending the local mainstream school, Greenwood Academy. We also have one young person undergoing work experience placement with a local tradesman and three residents have successfully transitioned back to the family home and independent/supported living.

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