Ethos and values are based on the need for each child and young person to have consistently high quality support across both care and education. This is known as the Educare model. Within this model the care team are key in ensuring each young person’s safe care. They also promote the young people’s social and emotional well-being and support their learning. The Education team primarily meet each young person’s learning needs whilst taking full account of their safe care and social and emotional well-being. The different but complementary experiences, skills and training of Aspire Scotland’s education and care teams are combined and co-ordinated using the targets in each Child’s Plan to clarify planned outcomes within the SHANARRI framework.

Aspire Scotland offers a wide range of distance learning opportunities for young people in the latter stages of the Senior Phase as well as for those young people who have left formal school education but who continue in further education and or training. Care staff are important in supporting young to achieve within these SCQF levelled distance learning units.

Each young person’s daily log information, assessments, incidents, reports, reviews, successes and achievements are communicated securely in real time through The Gateway, Aspire Scotland’s electronic communication and tracking tool. This enables all members of the care and education teams to work in close partnership in line with the principles of GIRFEC. The information on The Gateway can also be accessed by external partners, including specific placing authority personnel and other relevant agencies involved in supporting the young person.

Regular Educare meetings and The Gateway communication ensure that care teams are clear about young people’s targets specifically in numeracy, literacy and health and well-being. Senior members of the Education team support the care team to distribute and enhance learning both in school and beyond.