Farm Living

Innovation embodies our practice and we are dedicated to exploring the best possible experiences for our young people. It is often said dogs are a man’s best friend and at Aspire Scotland we have taken that theory and fully explored the therapeutic benefit that animals can provide children and young people.

Farm living therapy is available at our Woodend Farm and Waterside services for all of our young people. Horses, chickens, rabbits, micro pigs and hamsters, but to name a few, have enjoyed time on our farm grounds and residents from across our services have participated in active farm living that includes caring for and managing the well-being of all the animals and the environment in both group and individual work.

Building relationships and resilience, addressing attachment and embracing team working are strong elements present in the work undertaken with children and young people and Woodend Farm and by partnering this therapy with the skilled practice of our team we are committed to investing in this experience for young people.